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Mad Bricks is an outstanding video game company with innovative projects which unites talent and dedication. Here you will find the opportunity to develop your ideas and projects, dealing with the different aspects that make up the game development and audiovisual content.

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¿Qué piensan de la pieza en bronce del protagonista de nuestro juego La Voz del Jaguar hecha por Pedro Ruíz Artista?
!Nosotros no podemos estar más motivados para seguir trabajando en este proyecto¡
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  • It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take This
  • Art
    Andres Montealegre
    Art Direction 100%
    Concept Art 100%
    People Skills ?
  • Art
    Juan David Peña
    2D Animation 100%
    Concept Art 100%
    Coolness 101%
  • Design
    Santiago Sotomayor
    UI 100%
    Level Design 100%
    Belieber 100%
  • Design
    Gabriel Emilio Vasco
    Production 100%
    Game Design 100%
    Accounting 50/50
  • Music
    Miguel Benavides
    Music 100%
    Sound Design 100%
    Swag 2%
  • Muisc
    Alejandro Valencia
    Sound Design 100%
    Music 100%
    Darkness 100%
  • Programming
    Héctor C. Alzate
    Coding 100%
    Paisa 100%
    Getting in time to a flight 0%
  • EKKO
  • EKKO
  • ONE

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Mad Bricks  @madbricksprod
Nuestro juego en la página de unity latinoamerica!! https://t.co/QN1JEP5RQf 
Mad Bricks  @madbricksprod
Felicitaciones al equipo de BRAINZ! Que equipazo y que juegazo! https://t.co/JwaZmw1d0f 

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