Matt Brickensosn’s Top 10 2017 games-part 2

Let´s continue this fun exercise and see if you enjoy some of my pics.

No-5: Hollow Knight (Team Cherry)

This game is a difficult subject for me … I’ll begin with the obvious, which I assume the vast majority already knows: Hollow Knight is a strong follow up to the recent resurrection of the Metroidvania type of games (driven by Ori and Guacamelee as forefathers). In this case, it´s obvious that they had a smaller budget and less favorable conditions as a development team.The visual style and ambiance have a clear direction and defined personality.

The exploration and map mechanics work perfectly together adding a  simple but functional battle system…. now … And this is extremely personal … The game is terribly boring … I have nothing against slow rhythm, on the contrary, if they are well achieved I enjoy them too. However, here the visual monotony and the predictable level design turn the rhythm even heavier thus boring. Hollow Knight seeks to create a feeling of loneliness, it achieves it but in a bad way…. For example, Limbo generates this feeling  using mystery plus a creative and challenging level design …Hollow Knight forgets the creative and challenging level design. The repetitiveness of the enemies does not help either …

Anyway, I know it’s a good game, done with a lot of dedication. Also, you can tell right away that they have a clear understanding of what a metroidvania is, which is important. Maybe it´s a very personal way to see it and you will probably enjoy it. At least try it, it deserves it.

No-4:Pyre (Supergiant Games)

Supergiant returns strong as we expected. I won’t explain why you should know who they are and why you should play their games. Use Google to look for something cool besides memes or night entertainment for once, you can even use Bing (if you´re that type of very weird hipster).

Anyway, if you have played their games before, Pyre is a very different one. It doesn´t focus on a single interesting character, this time it´s an intereting group. The world/story setting has D&D and fantasy/science fiction literature elements. Of course, the visuals are impeccable and eye-catching as they always do. I hope you like to read … read a lot and attentively … Why do I say this? Basically, the game is divided into two: a strange and interesting fantastic version of basketball and a story that progresses through reading and player decisions. Read, play and learn who Supergiant Games are! Freaking Hell!!!!

No-3: Little Nightmares (Tarsier Studios)

Picture a Japanese horror movie mixed with a Spirited Away world, elements of Rick & Morty, Game of Thrones twists and a touch of Seinfeld´s humor style. Cool, huh? Well, this game is that (without the Rick & Morty, Game of Thrones or Seinfeld thingy …I got excited adding things in my mind). Little Nightmares explains little about what it´s happening but it´s enough to get you interested in its world/environment. You play as a little girl in a terrifying world full grotesque and hungry giants. The game manages to establish its direction perfectly with a solid and interesting level design. It is not a very difficult game but it does require using your head to solve its challenges.It may seem short to several, but I´m sure you will really enjoy the experience. Become the girl … be scared as the girl … explore as the girl … you can even buy her raincoat to play with it.

No-2: Cuphead (Studio MDHR)

Remember that childish feeling of anxiety, excitement and infinite expectations when you got a new game? A nervous tic as you put your hands on it… Visions of color and voices around you …. a strange impulse to enter your house through the window and go out again to run naked on the street (Hmm maybe not everyone remembers it as I do). Besides what your reaction was, Cuphead managed to generate that feeling in me after many years. ¨Is there really a game that looks like this? Its music is that good? Is it really demanding in an extremely fun way? It really drives you to play local with friends again?¨ Cuphead is a jewel among jewels, the kind that you don´t see every day. This type of Jewels become real thanks to a gigantic dream, enormous amounts of ambition, fraternal affection and constant alternative methods to maintain morale from the development team. This game shows a warm feeling of delivery along with tons of creative honesty.

At its base,Cuphead is a Bullet Hell with little touches of platforming decorating a focus on Boss Rush.The game looks like no other manages to look, paying tribute to the cartoons of the 1930s. The perfectly achieved style is supported by perfectly composed music an incredible sound design. The game is difficult, as Bullet hells should be. It will challenge every new player but will keep them marveling at the same time. Cuphead must be in your library… I hope that all the ambition and vision that they had to create it will keep pushing them forward so we can have a sequel in the near future.

No-1:The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

It’s Nintendo….It´s Zelda … It´s the Switch … It´s Nintendo having the balls and love that their creations need… Nintendo returns to their top doing what they have always done better than all the rest … It’s LINK IN A OPEN WORLD!!!!!!!! …. it is the triple A that I snuck into my list … but… come on… is the LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE FREAKING WILD!!!!!

I said what I had to say, my words have impregnated your healthy minds. My opinions, desires and carelessness infect them little by little and life will now look different to you! Probably not… Please keep exploring and discovering the alternative ideas that various creative minds seek to show you behind the media curtains that blind us. End this year playing, remembering what you played and anticipating that you will be able to play soon.

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