New Game Diaries: Heroes of the Storm

II – A Silent Intruder

The best way to describe my Heroes of the Storm debut is with an analogy to explain my state of mind. Remember the beginnings of adolescence; beginning in which social interactions began to rotate from the playground to small house parties.

Remember being nervous, thinking you were going to a place full of completely comfortable and confident people. Your mind full of insecurities, believing that you  would act in all the wrong ways. (Don’t lie, everyone, even the ones full of confidence, had that experience).

Well, I was expecting something similar with HOTS. I imagined a home screen with an active chat full of bullying, people being aggressive towards newbies and a completely unknown slang.

However, to my very pleasant surprise, what I found was very different. The game reveals the Blizzard quality mark from the beginning (ignoring the opening video which course is amazing). I easily understood the tutorials and at the end didn’t have to throw myself to the wolves right away. HOTS enables you to play games against the A.I. as many times as you wants to. This creates two major things very well designed for new players:

  • On the one hand, knowledge and adaptation to the game: having this mode allows you to better understand the layout, the active options in game and learn how to use the heroes. Blizzard was kind enough to give me a couple of exclusive heroes! Well, not really… every user can use every hero… but, being the first characters that I got, I created a sense of ownership over them.

  • On the other hand, rewards within the game´s economy: Blizzard has the good habit of awarding “money” in their games. This allows the user to get more things without investing real money. The matches against the A.I. let you accumulate level, loot and overcome missions to acquire different goodies (heroes, skins, mounts, emojis, etc..)

This first week I decided to face the A.I. with the different heroes at my disposal. As expected, my left hand fingers were extremely lazy. Who would have guessed  that being aware of QWER on a keyboard could be so confusing? I must clarify that I have never been a PC gamer, I´m a controller guy since my first NES (slight excuse for my stupidity…).

In addition to my lack of dexterity with the inputs, the overdose of visual stimulation got me constantly confused. The game may look impeccable (Blizzard style) but my eyes can´t handle properly each animation/particles/lights of powers yet, let alone when they are several characters at the time on screen…

Something happened that I predicted as hater: the clicking is relentless… and, because I´m still learning, it seems almost random… But, against all odds, it hasn´t bothered me as much as I thought it would. Actually, I feel that somehow this increases the intensity in the matches. I also discovered that I like to laugh at myself when I run away from a fight. I start clicking like a mad man, making little kid noises.

It was a good first week. It hasn´t been too confusing or frustrating. There is still much to explore, I have only been able to play one of the many maps in the game (that sure will bring more complications…) and it is time to see how things go facing human players…


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