New Game Diaries: Heroes of the Storm

V -Union means … Many things (part 2)

The evolution of a group in a technical, psychic and mental way works very similar to the evolution of an isolated individual. The subject in his personal evolution requires a constant practice to strengthen his technique.  He has to accustom the part of the body that is necessary so he can generate mechanical reflexes essential for that activity; In the case of HOTS (Halloween Obviously Tempts Sex) you need fast fingers. So, for example, swiping both right and left in Tinder is a good starting exercise for us newbies. The team requires the same by putting together individual efforts in an effective way. It is necessary to play several matches daily to achieve greater connectivity between the different gears and balance their skills/flaws. (Tinder social …? HMM).

In addition to this, maintaining a psychic and mental fortitude also needs daily work on the part of the individual. An essential part of sustaining a good level of play and getting ahead is learning to deal with critical situations in moments of maximum stress. This could be considered even more important in a group than the technical skills. A common problem on new teams trying to become an unit is the Domino Effect. Generally, if any of the participants are doing great, making unexpected moves that destroy the other team, the rest of their teammates get inspired and increase the overall performance. However, the completely opposite effect can happen, a piece falls and all the others follow that path. If the team does not have a constant support, an imposing figure, a friendly voice or a funny character, it is very difficult to maintain coherence during critical moments.

I think that the Domino Effect does not occur so much in a negative way in our group. Of course, there are difficult games and intense days with a lots of losses. But, the team deals with those negative days with humour and exaggeration which keeps us in a good mood.

The previous entry I started to describe the members of the group little by little, this time I will continue with this delicate work:


I met in the group a person full of good intentions and great team spirit. Morty is not as advanced as the members I described in the last article but she’s not a rookie either. Recalling the last article, I commented that there is a person who is usually the victim of the constructive assaults of Mr. Miyagi.

Well, Morty is this victim, which doesn’t mean she has a low level of play at all. From my isolated point of view, I consider that she receives these scoldings for two simple reasons: her constant good intentions that are sometimes accompanied by bad luck and a trust relationship of many years with the other members (hence the alias I decided to give her).

Morty has great strengths with the characters she likes but sometimes her desire to help the team (save a partner or support in a fight) leadS her to make questionable decisions. Her technical skills exist clearly, perhaps finding a balance between these and a more stable spirit is what she´s missing. Her kind spirit must sometimes disappear so she can survive. Sometimes, individual interest can be the best weapon for the group. As a player profile one would think she favors Support characters, but in reality her greatest focus are Warriors (played in a very protective way). The hero I consider she plays the best is a very versatile warrior: Diablo.


There are two very important elements in HOTS that you usually miss as a noob: soaking XP and lane pushing. Fortunately, the group has an expert in doing this discreetly and effectively, a professional spy, which leads to great surprises in the late game for opponents. The dear 007 knows how to avoid the enemy´s gaze. This way, he takes advantage during the team fights to push the lanes. He understands the pace of the game and the layout of the maps, this lets him exploit his skills on larger terrains that are difficult to control in their entirety.

However, there is a shadow within his skills: overconfidence. I´m talking about certain careless moments in which he decides to move forward more than necessary at the mercy of the enemy assassins. Generally, it doesn’t happen at critical times, but sometimes I have witnessed this mistake just before we have to go and fight for the map objectives.

His player profile is clearly Specialist (they are specifically designed to highlight his skills). I’ve also seen him play a couple of assassins. His main character I wouldn´t be a 100% sure which is, but I´ve seen his 007 skills shine  with the strangest hero of the game: Abathur.


The constant sound of marbles …. VERY constant …. * note from the illustrator/Mr. Miyagi: ¨More constant than time, almost like a fundamental force of the universe. God doesn’t play with dice, he plays with marbles¨. No, I haven’t smoked any psychoactive substances if you´re wondering. What the hell am I talking about then? Well, this particular member alias is not related to the way he plays or personality. It comes from the characteristic sound of his microphone on Skype every time we play …. A kind of interference that reminds me of a nervous hand trembling full of marbles. Leaving that aside, the friendly Lord Marbles is a strong element of encouragement and amusement in the group.

Always happy and positive, he helps to keep the team spirit up. From a technical side,like Morty, he is not a top level player compared to the most advanced, but not a novice at all. In my eyes, Lord Marbles is one of the members with the highest good intentions in every match. Always looking to venture and push himself forward, which can bring very good outcomes, but also very comical deaths or innocent mistakes.

The way he confronts this further highlights his good spirit. He is always willing to laugh and face his mistakes as something non-dramatic. Also, he is always willing to listen to the advice of the most advanced teammates. As a player profile, Lord Marbles favors Assassins, especially the elusive and fragile. I can say without a doubt that his best hero is a skillful ninja (feature that he likes to mention constantly in a funny way on Skype): Genji.

I still need to describe a member of the group, but I decided to leave it for a future entry in which I will not only describe him. I want to talk about another HOTS partner with whom I usually play outside the group. This week my focus on trying heroes was a little bit more chaotic. I mentioned Johanna last time, which I tried satisfactorily. She´s a very solid character, very sustainable which makes her user friendly for newbies . I have been spinning among several heroe. I think my favourite are Specialists and Support. This seems to define my profile as a player, but I will delve into  that matter on the next entry.

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