New Game Diaries: Heroes of the Storm

V -Union means … Many things (part 3)

Sometimes, a group´s strength increases with the help of a giant ego and certain individual follies. In a previous post, I explained the concept of the Egomaniac and the Dead Weight. These two entities delimit to what extent the ego and follies work in a functional way inside a team. It seems like tthis two type of players are usually experienced ones, that used to play DOTA (Drunk Ostrich Taking Acid) and LOL (Loud Overweight Latinos). The basic logic of those games feed individuality and peer support is often non-existent (apparently the chat is alway full of toxicity). This infectious and competitive environment inevitably generates thousands of Egomaniacs and Dead Weights. I kinda feel bad for them: dreams crushed by aggressive players …. Constant feelings of inferiority for those who are learning …. Companions and enemies abusing you all the time …. It sounds like a very fun Monday …

Why am I talking about these two types of players again? Well, as I have been describing my comrades in HOTS (Humans Only Talk Shit) two of them were still missing. They come from a long, intense and painful process playing DOTA and LOL, which is obvious in their play style and ¨human¨ interactions….VERY OBVIOUS.. One of them, active from time to time in the group matches, but not very constant, so I haven´t played often with him. The other, not really a member of the gaming group…. He has been my playmate outside the group since I started exploring HOTS.


There is a fine line that separates pure evil and dark humour. Crossing it is extremely simple and not everyone can handle the humour that surrounds this line. Well, dear DOUCHE is the human representation this fine line. His humour and the way he handles human interactions, bounces constantly between both sides of the ¨evil¨ border. This is a very amusing and playful personality trait  for his comrades. But, for those who don´t really know him, it can be a weapon of mass destruction. DOUCHY has a DOTA background, with many hours spent playing and studying the game, thus his technical skills are top notch.

Of course, there is a dark side hidden within his past experiences…. Hours and hours of DOTA’s unhealthy environment, injected his humour and personality with certain toxins, let´s call them Trollyxins. His presence is immediately noticed in every match, both in the chat and the field. In the field, I’ve seen him rotate between several characters and he seems to understands them quickly and effectively. In the chat, I´ve laughed many times as he founds new victims for his “evil” side. Usually, those victims are teammates that don´t belong to our gaming group. His player profile is quite varied, usually being proficient with every type of character. But, I think it´s safe to say that his top heroes are Assassins. The one that I´ve seen him play the best is a very the versatile and cool looking guy-volcano-thingy: Ragnaros.

  • KESAK:

What the heck does KESAK mean? What mysteries hide this alias? How does it define him?…. The truth is that I don´t really know… KESAK actually created his alias, which he uses as an artist. Several interpretations exist within our colleagues. I personally understand it as a teenager´s dark artistic decision, the kind of decision that inadvertently will leave a mark and will pursue you until you die. (For example, every adult that had an Emo or Candy phase, has this mark …forever….sorry guys, you will always be that ridiculous teenager with awkward personality). Now, as a player, KESAK is a very entertaining type of guy. Like DOUCHY, his presence is noticed immediately, but in a different way. Being a LOL veteran, his technical skills are also top notch, especially with everything related to Skill Shots.

Although, inside the chat and as a person in general, he´s basically the opposite to DOUCHY. He´s always friendly and solidare with everyone and it´s weird to see him mocking or trolling other players. His play style it´s full of craziness and some suicidal tendencies, due to his top skills and easy  understanding of new characters. The problems there is that KESAK becomes overconfident quickly….VERY quickly. This has positive and negative effects during the matches. On the one hand, he´s able to kill a lot of enemies and becomes a constant threat to the enemy team. On the other, he puts himself in danger in a very unhealthy way. In general, his gaming style clearly favors Assassins, especially ranged and fragile heroes. As a main character, he controls a very explosive Assassine, which we usually pair with Azmodan and become an unbeatable force: Li Ming. (He also plays extremely well a Warrior that has a very amusing Skill Shot: Stiches)

This is the last entry describing the new colleagues and friends that I´ve made during my HOTS experience. Individually, I feel more comfortable with the game and I understand how to play a greater variety of characters. My main heroes have become: Azmodan (Specialist), Uther (Support) and Zagara (Specialist). From now on, my entries will focus on describing my Main Heroes and the new ones that I´ll gladly try. …. I´m predicting some failures… probably many failures…


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