New Game Diaries: Heroes of the Storm

I – An alien observer

I always heard and read about a type of video games with a name that confused me, I actually used to get distracted thinking about what it could mean. I´m talking about MOBAs or in my mind at the time: the MMMBOP. Original Multiplayer Arcade Brawler? Massive Obsolete Baby Arms? Mega Party Beat Anarchy?… thousands of senseless names crossed my mind… Finding the meaning of that acronym became my main focus without even caring for the games. My obsession only worsened when I discovered the term MMORPG… but that’s a different story. (Many Men Online Rating Porn Games?…). 

Over time I forgot completely about the genre until a friend showed me DOTA. My first impression was quite negative and it stayed that way for a long time. I understood the experience as relentless clicking, visually overstimulation and an extremely aggressive chat. Out of simple curiosity, I decided to investigate a little bit more about DOTA and discovered that it was one of the top played video games on the planet. It actually has a very deep competitive scene that handles huge amounts of money. Those fact made me hate it even more… I’ve never considered myself a very competitive player, I prefer exploring new ideas in single player games. However, I do like playing competitive games with my friends in good terms. An afternoon playing FIFA, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes or Speedrunners is the closest thing to a pleasing competitive experience for me.

I have to admit that I started making fun of the massive communities of the MOBA players… I saw them as a group of angry entities wanting to let off some steam with a clumsy game mechanic (the relentless clicking), trying to feed their ego in intense rage-filled clashes… I know, it wasn´t a very objective stance… I was acting as an anti-MOBA without any real knowledge on the subject. Well, recently I decided to mature a little bit (not completely) and give it a second chance.

Due to my inexperience with the genre and the suggestion of a friend, I decided to try the friendliest  game of the genre: Heroes of the Storm created by Blizzard. I want to share my experience as a noob and as an old unjustified hater through this journal. Perhaps I will encourage others like me to explore it or instead expose the game in the worst way possible… Whatever it is, I will be as honest and objective as I can. I hope you enjoy the development of my intimacy with Hots (Horny Old Taliban Strippers?).


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